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Sybil Street


As a professional wardrobe stylist, based between Washington, DC and Brooklyn NY, I have come to know it truly as an art form.  I have styled in various aspects of the industry, including advertising and editorial print, television, e-commerce and runway. 

Not only is there an art to styling, but also a science--in the sense that stylists have to be mind readers, forecasters, systematic, social scientists, trouble shooters and the bond that holds it all together. Creatively, wardrobe styling is an undeniable art by the use of texture, shapes (or silhouettes), light, color, and form. It requires this and so much more to give personality, drama and life to a garment to create a look; "the look", a statement even--that tells a story or conveys a message for others to conceptualize its purpose.

As you view my work, you will become privy to a glimpse into my life, my grind and my hustle as a stylist, the experience I affectionately call #WardrobeHustle. I also invite you to not only share my style, which is innate and indelible, but who I am as a person and one of the driving forces behind #SybilStreetSTYLe - Style & Substance and the embodiment of my Personal + Life + Style Blog #SaintlyStyle Blog.  I dress individuals on the outside, but as a minister, I assist to adorn them on the inside.  True style resonates from within. One should not have style and have no substance. Because of this, I style on a different level with a distinctly unique purpose in that I am passionate about people's style as well as their soul. 

Take this journey with style!

Enjoy exploring my style and please contact me for bookings, personal shopping, wardrobe consultation and/or any other questions.