Sunday's Best - Sybil's Churchflow

Happy New Year! Hope you’re year has kicked off to a great start. Mine has truly started off with a bang, and I’m so grateful and excited for all things New! Outside of me sharing my work as a professional wardrobe stylist, I typically don’t post pics of myself wearing my personal style choices. Being a Believer In Christ and a lover & collector of fab accessories, specifically shoes (Mama loves her a killer pointy toe pump and some knock out pointy flats I must admit), I’ll do my random post on IG of what I call #SundayBestShoes of my personal shoe stash that I rock on Sundays to church.  But this is 2015 and sistah is doing things more on purpose and something New, and doing it because it’s one of the things that I love – fashion that inspires and resonates true style from within, so why not share it when it’s a piece or pieces that I’m really feeling! My body is truly my temple so I believe in adorning it, not only spiritually on the inside of course, but on the outside as well. That said, be on the look for my Blog Post Transforming Style from the Inside Out Series: Women of Faith & Style, where we will discuss matters that help us to balance and maintain both our style and soul, from the inside out. For real, I know it’s been a minute, work with me peeps, but a sistah has been so busy working around the clock 15-hour days (I even worked Christmas y’all, how bout that), so I went and enlisted me some help to get this thing moving! I’ll be introducing my fabulous fashion helpers soon. And I’ll also be posting, over the next few days, some of the behind-the-scenes snapshots from all my recent #WardrobeHustle of the New projects and fabulous New people I had the opportunity to work with during those 15-hour work days, LOL. Although the grind is real and the hours are long, God is amazing and I’m thankful for every bit of it all!

So here it tis, last Sunday's Churchflow.  I bought these pieces - Halston Heritage Tweed Tuxedo Coat & Trina Turk Woven Jumpsuit b/c I really loved the craftsmanship and the details (click on stock image below to show more). Also, I don’t see too many jumpsuits that are more tailored and structured in construction, but rather they're drapey & slinky and typically black in color. I loved this one, and it can be styled so many different ways.

I’d love to hear your feedback and see your own style pics and individual stories of transforming style. Hope you enjoy the journey down this New road with me, I’m starting small but hang with me as I grow and hope to see you grow with me too. #SaintlyStyle