We're Doing Fall the #SybilStreetSTYLe Way!

Mad for Plaid I Loving Leopard I Having Fun with Fedoras

How about my #SybilStreetSTYLe X #Targetstyle featuring Fall's most popular plaid!!!  Love Target

How about my #SybilStreetSTYLe X #Targetstyle featuring Fall's most popular plaid!!! Love Target

Here on the #SaintlyStyle Blog we've chosen to wear some trending pieces for Fall from our favorite vendors (Target, Zara, H&M and Topshop) and put our #SybilStreetSTYLe twist on them – some things old, some things now.  I'm also introducing what I call Model Mom's Chronicles.  You might say, “What's Model Mom's Chronicle?.” Most everyone that knows me, knows my daughter Symone is a professional model, and I’ve worked very closely with her from the very beginning ensuring her proper development and safety in what sometimes can be a crazy, scary industry, especially for a new, young model.  I’m not doing so much of the hustle and bustle on the New York streets for castings etc anymore as I was in the beginning of her career here in the Big Apple, but I am still around to support and push her toward destiny. Hilariously,  I still get caught up in the shenanigans and madness of model life and being the Mom of a model, thus I'll drop some memorable, funny and not-so funny moments of her career journey that we've experienced together. Also because we do work together on  some shoots, when I pull wardrobe pieces for her and other models for these shoots, I'm often compelled to keep pieces for her and will even purchase those same styles for myself. So I'll be showing you ways to wear these same pieces for the smaller girls like Symone, as well as on a fuller frame size 10/12 girl such as myself!  I figure, hey why not get my money's worth and payback for all that hustling and use Symone, my in-house mannequin as much as I can to do #ModelOffDuty post ups for my blog! Besides it's another way for us to have some fashion fun together. Of course, my normal day-to-day style as a Jesus girl and all around fashionista will remain a highlight, not only the twinning with Symone, but I want to have fun and will spotlight the overall creed of #SaintlyStyle -  inspiring others with the individuality that's reflected in my tastes, actions and way of doing style, as a Woman, Mom and Wife of Faith, which flows from #SybilStreetSTYLe –  style on a personal and professional level with substance being at the very core, that truly resonates from within.

So check out below how I layered my plaid duster with a faux-fur leopard jacket, topped with a Fedora. The leopard jacket is an old piece by Target from about four years-ago. I pull it out every season b/c it's timeless and adds just the right element of interest and added texture.  Come on take this journey with me - in style!

Love this cool mural on the streets of Myrtle Ave. in the Clinton Hills section of Brooklyn, NY. Artist Unknown





Fedora: H&M | Sunnies: MiuMiu | Plaid Duster: Target | Leopard Jacket: Target (Old) | Tank: TopShop | Jeggings: Target | Shoes: Zara  (similar) | Purse: MCM (Vintage)


Next Up #Twinning with #ModelOffDuty - Symone does plaid too!

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