Cape Season w/Fringed Benefits - Aztec Cape + Fringe Boots.

Capes are On Trend This Fall



Capes are everywhere this Fall and so are fringes! There are so many options for capes around town.  This affordable, yet stylish Aztec print one from Target caught my attention among the many. Capes have a way of bringing that cool factor to a look. This one is super cozy and warm without adding too much bulk that makes you sweat. I layered it over a long light rinse denim vest and a cute graphic tee with the worlds cutest dog "Boo" (not as cute as our doggy Catan though!!!). I added my Diesel cap for a little swag, a cool neckerchief, a medium rinse skinny jean, finished off with a snazzy pair of suede fringe ankle boots by Belle Sigerson Morrison.

On Symone, I styled the same cape, with a simple raw edge denim shirt from Zara, her old pair of faux leather skinnies, an Urban Outfitters fedora, the exact ankle boots and a Longchamp bag.

Insert Model Mommy Chronicles- The rodeo I had to endure to get Symone's look shot for this post was a bit intense.   For one, it was raining outdoors, so trying to shift to Plan B to find cool indoor locations in a city that's not your original home was a challenge. Not to mention, she had a last minute casting earlier in Manhattan that day, which largely cut into our time allotted to shoot, so I was trying to do #BloggerHustle in lightning speed.  I had everything all planned out, then it was like - swerve shift gears. To say the least we were pressed for time trying to get stuff done before it got dark. I didn't want to lose light when trying to take pics outside when the rain lifted, which never really happened b/c it drizzled the whole time we were outside and the wind was blowing, ugh! You should have seen what the drizzle did to my hair, it was one big swelled up frizzy mess! You might be saying, "It looks sunny in your pics and your hair doesn't look like a frizz ball!" Well I actually shot a totally different outfit (haven't posted yet) on this particular drizzly, windy day.  The Aztec cape look I'm wearing in this post was shot on a different day in a different location, hence the sun and hair in-tact in my pics here. In my last two posts, I did our #Twinning and the remix on #ModelOffDuty as totally separate posts, but I grouped them together this time, especially since I had quite a bit going on in terms of a good location. 

Since we had to contend with the rain, wind and loss of daylight, we headed to Grand Central Station to get her shots. Umm, this was chaotic with all the hustle and bustle of commuters going to-and-fro.  I was going like folks come on this is New York, it's not like you haven't seen bloggers, photographers, stylists and models all-around town taking pictures any and everywhere, including Grand Central - HELLO!!! I was like step aside, please don't mind us and we won't mind you either! Hey, us creatives do what we need to do to get our shot! It was daunting, but we got it done, in what I wouldn't call the greatest light or use of a location, but done nonetheless. Oh, and I forgot to tell you Grand Central wasn't our first indoor location. We initially went to a new station in mid-town Manhattan which provided a nice backdrop. Because I wanted to change wardrobe.  I had to schlep this wardrobe around in a big spinner luggage case from Brooklyn on the train because parking is super sparse and super expensive in NY.  At this new station, we went into the bathroom to change and #ModelOffDuty says, "We can't change in here there are mosquitoes flying around." I responded by saying, "Look I'll be alright, I'll stay on this side and let them stay on the other." I changed but she wouldn't - the nerve of her, after all she is my mannequin, LOL!!!  It was crazy, I didn't get exactly what I had envisioned (couldn't even get the famous Grand Central clock), but the mission was complete. I know Symone, at times, was tired, cold and frustrated as was I. She's a trooper though;  you have to press on even in the midst of contradiction and that's what we did.  After it was all said and done, I was really feeling like a caped crusader guys!

I hope you find some inspiration and fun in this post, to do some cool things with your capes and fringes this season.  Fashion & style, the process, isn't always pretty or comfortable (and blogging about it sure isn't either), but as professionals we do what we have to do to make it look that way. #SybilStreetSTYLe


What We're Wearing

Cape: Target | Denim Vest: Design Lab | Graphic Tee: Wet Seal | Neckerchief: Asos | Boots: Belle Sigerson Morrison via Lord & Taylor | Faux Leather Skinnies: Old | Denim Shirt: Zara | Fedora: Urban Outfitters | Bag: Longchamp

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