Plaid Echo

Plaid Ponchos Squared #Twinning

Hello Hello #ModelOffDuty and I are back again rocking our plaids to the 2nd power, but this time not a duster, instead a poncho.  So if you remember in my previous post Cape Season w/Fringed Benefits (click link), I talked about a crazy hair situation, the rain etc.  Well folks this is the proof below, take a look at my shots. The images were taken in the cold, wind and drizzly rain. Did y’all know that fine misty rain is worse on your hairdo even with an umbrella than a heavy downpour with your umbrella? My hairstylist clued me in and after going through it on this day, I’m a believer, you don’t have to tell me twice! Symone’s pics were done on a different day, so she looked fabulous in my opinion. The weather, the light - everything was just right. Lucky her, mini me was On Fleek and looked very much On Duty dahling! 

After high-tailing through the storm, wind, rain, scary hair dilemma, I got some shots of what was an otherwise cool outfit!  Plaid is still trending around these parts for us as you can see.  I got these poncho wraps at good ‘ole Target’ choosing to style my look wearing a Fedora. Umm, side note my Fedora threw me a lifeline and saved the day big time. Can you imagine had I not had my fedora - trouble! I’m so particular about my hair, realizing how big a part it plays in your overall style, that I like it to be on point at all times.  Remember that peeps - style, hair - important!  Ok carry on, I’m also wearing a bodysuit from Urban Outfitters, which I love and am totally grateful that they carry them in my size and truly fit.  I’ve ordered large size one-pieces from other retailers and they don’t seem to fit properly in the crotch area making them uncomfortable, but I must say, this one gets an A+ for comfort, fit and it feels really good too.  I pulled out my second-in-command J.Crew boyfriend ecru jeans with the tatters and rips in them.  These are second-in-command because my first in line are my plain skinny pair also from J.Crew that started out ecru but now look white because I wear them all the time and wash them all the time, hence my go-to white, kind of ecru-ish skinny jeans!  You’ve seen me wear them ump-teen times and you will see me wearing them ump-teen more. Get used to it good folks, light colored jeans, whether white, eggshell or ecru provides a great contrasting pop to your look.  Do try it and here’s a style tip: they’re not only for wearing in the spring and summer. It’s denim, it’s okay, remember these next two words as well – year round!  Ok rant over, truly carrying on this time! I went on to use a pair of Hue marled/speckled camp socks (scrunched) because the boyfriend jeans although in tall length, they do run a bit shorter so I needed something to bridge the gap between the Vince Camuto boots I’m wearing and the pants. The socks also gives an added layer of texture and more interest to the look. Finally, my go-to C Wonder belt (store now defunct) with the horse buckle, which is interchangeable, and Zara purse to finish off the look. With my fedora, the belt and boots really helped to anchor that southwestern vibe I was feeling.

Symone, on the other hand, was giving us a more dope downtown, street style vibe with her poncho.  I styled it with one of her grey tank tops, raw edge, wide cropped jeans from Zara, Sam Edelman boots, Brahmin handbag, a not too wide obi belt and topped it off with her Forever 21 reflective sunnies and simple jewelry (on us both).  I told y’all she looked very much On Duty, looking right at home on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Whatever you’re feeling whether southwestern cool or the dopeness of downtown girl, take all or some of these elements and make it your own. You might want to use a big, floppy style hat and wear tall flat boots with the poncho and go more boho,  but whatever the case have fun and make it authentic to you! #SybilStreetSTYLe

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