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 Brooklyn Belle Blushing in Vince Camuto Suiting

I know it's been a minute, not sure if you've missed me but I've certainly missed you beautiful folks - fo sure! I was all excited and geared up to share with you my fab style finds for spring back in April going into May, and like a tidal wave, personal tragedy hit and I had to take some time to regroup and take care of family and most importantly, take care of me. Without putting too much of a damper on things, I experienced loss after loss in my family in addition to loved ones falling ill to various conditions, including myself <sad face.>. Thankfully, by God's, oh so powerful grace and strength, I'm back and truly happy to be sharing once again, with my happy face, blushing the whole stylish way!  I can truly say that the fortitude and joy of the Lord really did provide strength. I am so much more stronger as a result - that alone has me rejoicing and blushing, nonetheless! Now check out these blushy Vince Camuto pieces!  Type me a note in the comment box and let me know what you've been up to since our time apart and tell me what you think of these pieces and feel free to add some things that make you blush! #SybilStreetSTYLe

Although the collarless open-front style of the blazer and skinny fit pant gives this look a contemporary directive, this suiting with this blouse can speak somewhat conservative. So to shake things up a bit more, I gave the look some sass and pop by throwing on a larger than normal hoop earring and some vibrant, cobalt peep toe sexy-high pumps! My hair color (was blonde, now I'm merlot for the moment) is a nice contrast with the blush color of the suit with a smoky blue eye shadow and there you have it - A Belle in Brooklyn touting some serious blushing, lol!!!

                                                         What I'm Wearing

Blazer: Vince Camuto | Top: Vince Camuto | Purse: Nine West | Pants: Vince Camuto |Shoes: (Old) Similar 

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Transforming Style From the Inside Out, Women Of Style & Faith Series - Somalia Alsobrooks, Anti-Sex Trafficking Advocate, PR Maven, Founder of Restored Voices Empowerment Organization/Ministry


Somalia let's discuss what you do professionally and your involvement with Human Trafficking advocacy.

I always chuckle at the question of “What do you do?” for a number of reasons, but since you asked, I will answer!  I have been with the American Chemical Society for about four years now.  There, I am apart of a dynamic team that catalyzes and enables the implementation of green chemistry and engineering throughout the global chemical enterprise.  As the world’s largest scientific society, there is never a dull moment at the office! 

What many people do not know is that I am also an anti-sex trafficking advocate.  I have been on the frontlines of the issue for a little over a year now and I’ll have to admit, there are some days when I still ask God to help me to cope with what I see and hear.  There is nothing glamorous about “the life” or “the game” as it is called on the streets.  I have the humbling privilege of participating in late-night street outreaches spearheaded by Safe House of Hope, Baltimore, MD.  Each week, our teams put themselves on the frontline and literally step into the world of trafficked survivors, pimps, and buyers. I have often been asked if I am ever afraid, but really, I am more afraid of not fulfilling my destiny, than worrying about something happening to me on the streets.  When you know you are called by God to take action on a specific issue, you move and act on it! I also provide direct one-on-one mentorship to survivors, so there is little to no room for fear, doubt, worry, or distractions.

What truly inspires you?

Being a champion in the lives of others is what inspires me.  No matter where I go, I am typically the biggest cheerleader in the room, and I love that about myself!  It is always easier to share my Christian faith if first; I have shared my Christian LOVE.



How does your faith play into what you do professionally and how do find balance in your two worlds - personal and professional - while staying aligned with the Father?

Consistency is one of the key elements that have helped me to maintain balance.  At this point in my life, what you see is what you get.  I am the same funny, outgoing, and passionate person at work that I am at church, at home, etc.  This way, I don’t feel like I’m compartmentalizing my entire life because no one has time for that!  In addition, my relationship with God is what fuels the professional and personal areas of my life so I have learned if that aspect of my life is in good-standing, it fosters effectiveness across the board. 

Please share some advice with others who have interests in what you do and want to get involved with the movement. but don't know where to start.

The advice I would give to others who are interested in anti-human trafficking or specifically anti-sex trafficking work is to start by asking yourself, “How involved in this do I want to be?”  A close friend posed that same question to me about a 1 ½ years ago.  I immediately responded with, “I want to be on the frontlines,” and today, that is exactly where I am.  Knowing where you want to go and what you want to do is the first step in creating your roadmap to get there, so this is important. The last thing you want to do is get caught in the web of being busy but not productive or consistently being in motion, without ever making significant progress.  Once you set your goals, begin to network with other volunteers and professionals in the field, myself included.  That’s right, hit me up! (lol)   As with any professional or personal endeavor, establishing relationships is key.   The more you know, the more you know!   Lastly, keep in mind there are plethoras of ways to actively participate in the anti-human trafficking movement.  I advise those who are interested to conduct research for active organizations within their local community and see what the volunteer needs are.  A key piece to remember is that there is something for everyone to do, even if it is simply taking the time to write a care note to a survivor.  You would be surprised to see how a survivor responds to receiving words of encouragement from a complete stranger.

Tell me about the challenges you’ve faced, how you've endured and what keeps you going?

The challenges I’ve faced?  I will start by saying I don’t know if I will ever forget my first night of street outreach.  I was an emotional wreck on the way home.  I had watched documentaries, attended multiple conferences and seminars, been through a series of trainings, etc., but actually being on the streets made the existence of domestic sex trafficking a deeper reality.  However, I knew I had to reach a point of emotional control in order to be effective.  I can handle a lot more now, but as previously mentioned, there are times when I ask God to help me cope with all that I see and hear because it can get pretty heavy at times.  I draw strength from God and even talking to a few friends who I know can handle it.

Moving on to some lighthearted frilly stuff - Fashion & Style! Which designers are you a fan of and what are your favorites stores for shopping?

When shopping for clothing is the key word.  I’m not a big shopper anymore, and when I do shop, it’s typically for a certain piece.  That said, I can usually be found in the isles of Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, and NY&Company.  Usually, those are my top three go-to’s. 

 Are there any new trends or concepts in fashion that’s piqued your interest?

I recently attended the 2016 New York Fashion Week with stylist extraordinaire herself, Sybil Street, and fell in love the new patterns, textures, and tailored cuts that are hitting the fashion scene.  There is nothing like a nicely tailored jacket, it is a must in every closet and is so versatile! 

I have a witty style question that I like asking all you stylish gals of faith, “What’s your Style Innuendo (the way you would like others to consider or view what your style is without you even saying a word when they see you)? How would you describe your overall style – dress, education, personality etc. and how has it evolved from say a few years ago until now?

I want people to see me and think “sophisticated swag,” hands down.  Currently, my overall style is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! I’ve discovered a passion for God and for life over the last few years that has been my driving force.  In particular, within the last few months, I FINALLY let go of a lot of unnecessary baggage from past hurts.  With that came an abundance of freedom.  So yeah, if you ask me, I feel like Superwoman.   

This blog series is about transforming style from the inside out, therefore, how can one transform their style and faith in a positive progressive manner, and do so without compromise?

Matthew 6:33 is one of my favorite scriptures that states, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”  In order to transform our faith, we have to transform our focus.  If we seek and keep God first in all that we do, compromise cannot easily have place in our lives.  Yes, it will try, but as women of faith, we have the power inside of us to maintain an absolute “NO” against those things that would taint our walk with God.  As that relates to style, I think it is important for people to remember who and what they represent.  Remaining current and trendy with style is important and has its place, but not if it means me compromising my character or belief system. 


What’s next on the horizon for you, what's the next phase for Somalia? 

This is a big question...I love it! I have coined this to be my year of NO MORE MISSED OPPORTUNITIES, so the sun is just rising for me.  Most recently, I have been diligently working to launch Restored Voices, Inc., an organization/ministry committed to inspiring and empowering individuals to A) Recognize their identity and voice in Jesus Christ; B) Restore their faith in God; and C) Resound their voice of victory.  This gets personal for me because I lived with low self-esteem for years and always felt as though the voice I wanted was locked inside of others. 

I used to want to be everyone but myself; support everyone but myself; and love everyone but myself.  I can remember trying desperately to fit in with the in-crowd whether I was at school, work, or even at church!  And then when I did, there was still a sense of loneliness and disconnect.  The so-called friendships, make-believe love, and temporary moments of happiness were all forced and artificial, and I knew it.  I recently posted on Instagram, “I always wanted to fit in with the in-crowd, until I realized it was way too crowded.  Fit in with God first, and He’ll put you in the right crowd.  Freedom is my sound of victory.”  I wanted more, and I wanted God.  I was tired of masking the feeling of rejection with makeup and a smile.  Even MAC can only conceal but so much.  The identity I needed wasn’t found in the in-crowd, it was actually embedded in me from the beginning of time.  You see, it wasn’t until I developed a heart knowledge of my identity in Christ that things changed.  He helped me to recognize my identity, restore my faith, and resound my voice of victory.  And now, I am determined to help others do the same!  I love people and want to see them experience the love of Jesus.  Period.

It is important for me to encourage others to know that they are not voiceless.  Like their fingerprint, their voice has always existed and is the only one of its kind.  We all hold a God-given greatness that the world needs to hear!  Victory has a sound, so, “What’s Your Sound?”

This vision began as two words written in my prayer journal during the summer of 2014, and then again in 2015.  I didn’t know what the words meant until now.  The vision is still unfolding as I’m consistently reminded of Ephesians 3:20 and to think BIGGER, but this is my year to press forward full steam ahead.   

In addition to Restored Voices, Inc.  I have been asked to provide Domestic Sex Trafficking 101 training at various conferences and churches, so I’m definitely excited about that.  I always look forward to providing education and awareness in addition to encouraging an action response. 

Then of course, there is traveling! I have a major travel bug, so I’ll have a few stops to make this year, both domestic and abroad. But most importantly, there will not be any missed opportunities that coincide with the path of destiny that I’m on.   I’m determined to work harder, prayer harder, love harder, and live life with no regrets.

To connect with Somalia and to learn more about Restored Voices or to get involved in anti-sex trafficking advocacy, please connect with her:

FB: www.facebook.com/RestoredVoices

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Restored_Voices

IG:  @restoredvoices

FB: Somalia Alsobrooks

www.restoredvoices.com (under construction)


White Hot Fur Real

Keeping It Hot In the Cold w/Some Help From My Fabulous Furry Friends #DOPE

Hey Fashionistas! It was decisions, decisions for this post. White in winter. Silver mixed with gold. To fur or not to double fur, top and bottom. My standard nude MAC Blankety lip color or purple-y Heroin. All of the above peeps, and I kept it haute, haute in the cold, cold! And I threw some bling in for ya! Snowstorm Jonas wasn't stopping my hauteness! And you shouldn't let anything stop your's either - remember to trust your dopeness & THE ONE from where all dopeness and greatness comes! #SybilStreetSTYLe

symone mom1 .jpg
second image.png
symone mom 9.jpg

What I'm Wearing

Fur Vest: INC via Macy's | Sweater: Kohls (Old) | Fur Hat: Surell | Jeans: J.Crew | Shoes: Joe's Jeans (Old)

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Valentine Girl's Night Out - CUPID APPROVED

Night Out Even after Valentine's Day Is Over!


Hey, Hey Beauties! Here's another quick outfit for Valentine's, that can be worn anytime! I styled an H&M tee with sequin embellished heart, my old trouve' sleeveless jacket with a pair of Glamorous wide leg jeans (offered in tall), black Fedora and super sexy Viv floral open-toe heels by Rachel Zoe! Remix the shirt and keeping rocking the style. Effortless fab if I do say so myself and that's #SybilStreetSTYLe


What I'm Wearing

Vest: Trouve' | Top: H&M | Fedora: H&M | Jeans: Glamorous (Tall) Asos | Shoes: Rachel Zoe

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Transforming Style From the Inside Out, Women of Style & Faith Series - Telsha Claggett, Educator, Interior Decorator & Owner of Loves Interiors

What motivated you to become an educator and what about interior design (or decor) inspires you? How do you couple your faith with what you do professionally?

I began my career as a Financial Analyst, graduating from Morgan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. I have always had a keen interest in business but I found myself bored after embarking on new projects that, at first, were exciting because I was learning new things but it quickly became mundane after mastering the strategies for completing a project. One of my close friends had little children and we would pick them up and I would be involved in assisting with homework. Every time I walked into a school building, a certain feeling came over me, goose bumps on my arms as I walked through the school. I knew my purpose was in a school house although I didn’t know in what capacity.  I took a leap of faith and enrolled in an Education program at Loyola University in Maryland and obtained my Master of Education. I resigned from my position as a Financial Analyst and took a teaching position. It has been 16 years and has been the best decision of my life.  I actually went back to school for my MBA, thinking I was exiting Education but there wasn’t one position that was more enticing, that created more passion than being in a school impacting lives of wonderful, beautifully created young people.

I am currently the AVID Coordinator at a high school. AVID is a program that implement strategies that help students excel in high school and college. One major goal of the program is to make sure that students are eligible for acceptance to a four year college and have the necessary skills to excel in college.

Decorating, redesigning, and/or reorganizing have always been a part of who I am. My grandmother who passed, a year ago, was very creative and resourceful. Her home was beautiful. She made her own pillows for her sofa and sitting chairs. There is still the beautiful gold leaf design that she hand- painted as a border in her home.  In addition, my mom designs floral arrangements. My mom is very creative and is a great decorator.

I am a Certified Interior Decorator and I love to redesign and decorate homes, offices, almost any space to make it more beautiful and functional. 

How do you manage and a maintain balance in the different aspects of your professional & personal life and your relationship with God? What advice can you give others who want have interests in interior design, but have limited time because of the many balls their juggling in the air or just need some guidance and direction?

Balancing is a challenge and I can’t say that I do it well, all of the time.  Spending hours, on end, at work, takes away from my personal time and makes it a struggle to spend time talking to God because I am so exhausted and unfocused. I have decided that I will no longer do 14 hour days, 3 and 4 days, a week. My devotion time with God is non-negotiable. I am learning to say no, I can’t be there and I am not able to do that, at the moment.

My advice is to know when to say no, go home, and take care of yourself and your family, first. Your health and spiritual well-being must be a priority. Above, you cannot stop communicating with the Almighty God who is the reason why you are breathing. If there is anything that is keeping you from spending time with your Father, it has to go, it can’t stay. I have made the bad decision of letting other things get in the way of my relationship with my Savior and it will never work. He must be FIRST.

If you are interested in interior design, I suggest you research the demands and requirements of becoming an Interior Decorator or an Interior Designer. Know your passion. If you know your passion, it won’t feel like a great burden to live your passion.

Do you have any particular designers that you prefer when shopping for clothing?  Any particular vendors or stores for interiors that you lean toward? Are there any new trends or concepts in décor (technique or equipment) that’s peaked your interest? What tips and advice would you give someone that wants redo their home or just a room or closet in their home, especially that would be money saving?

I don’t really have a particular designer that I love. I have some pieces by a number of different designers and all have been on clearance or a great sale. I have pieces from Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Kein, Juicy Couture, and the like.  I like and have pieces from high end designers and moderates.  I am more interested in the quality and the way it looks on me. I do like INC International Concepts clothing and as I think about it, I have a few pieces. The INC label is definitely moderate and Bloomingdales is my favorite department store, that carries INC. I like the Bloomingdales because it carries clothing, shoes, and accessories in all price ranges. I have purchased a blouse for $25, on a deep clearance but at the same time, I could pay $500 for a blouse, if that is what I wanted to do.   As far as interior design, I do like the Z Gallery for finding unique pieces for the home.  I can buy a piece from a high-end furniture store or a thrift shop that has a great piece that will be an enhancement to my design. 

The biggest trend that I see in décor is that following the rules of design is not necessary to have a beautiful space.  As a matter of fact, going against the traditional has been much more rewarding in the world of design. You must know the rules to be able to mix and match in a way that creates a desired environment of your client. Educate yourself. I am a HGTV addict. I have learned so much and have been inspired in so many ways from watching HGTV.

I have a witty style question that I like asking all you stylish gals of faith, “What’s your Style Innuendo (the way you would like others to consider or view what your style is without you even saying a word when they see you)? How would you describe your overall style – dress, education, personality etc? 

I am a conservative dresser with a little flair. I choose to buy clothes that I can wear for at least two seasons and can be paired with different accessories to change the look of the whole outfit. I can wear a very conservative dress and update it with a blazer, vest, poncho, scarf, necklace, etc. to make it seem a little trendy. I don’t buy trendy clothing because I don’t look good in trendy clothing while my mom, who is 20 years older than me, wears trendy clothing well.  We both are very curvy but my mom is taller and is not as heavy in the bust like I am which makes a difference in how clothes fit. Personality has a lot to do with how a particular piece looks on an individual.  My mom is the life of the party, out on the floor, while I would be in the corner having a great conversation with someone, I just met.

What can we expect on the horizon from you in terms of ministry, academia and your decor business?

My ministry is to use the love that the Lord put on the inside of me to bring healing to others in different ways.  It may be that student that everyone has given up on who may need someone to tell them that they matter and that there is hope, even with the bad decisions that have been made. Serving others is what I know I am called to do.

I am not sure how much longer I will be in the field of Education. I do not plan on retiring from the school system. Where He leads is where I will follow.

My interior decorating business has been taking a turn to include organizational services. I have been hired to come and just consult and help with reorganizing storage areas, closets, offices, etc.  In the next few months, I will be staging a home for a client who wants to make her home appealing so that it will sell fast and for the most money, possible.  Homes that are staged sell faster and for more money. Spending an extra $2,000 -$5,000 could be the difference of making $20,000 more.

This blog series is about transforming style from the inside out, thus how can one transform their style and faith in a positive progressive manner, and do so without compromise? 

When I’m in tune with God and obedient to Him, the true me that He created me to be resonates – style, personality, spirituality etc. Things become out of alignment when I'm not properly connected.  When I am connected and in His presence , there’s no desire to compromise because all I want to do is please Him & return the love that He gives to me and I know that in my times of weakness He provides strength to forfeit and even forgive compromise.

For more info on Telsha and her company Loves Interior see the link below:

Visit www.lovesinteriordecor.com  

Fast Tracks + French Connection Dress

On The Track For the Stylishly Mobile

Today was a nice day with nice light for shooting here on the railroad tracks in the DMV - no Brooklyn parking and subway shenanigans to lament about this time!  Thankfully, I don't have to give explanations about my hair looking a mess from the elements as in the my last couple posts! I found this adorb French Connection dress with black sheer cutouts at Bloomies and thought hmm, I could do a couple cute things with this cute little number. I liked how it's rich color was a good compliment for my then hair color and paired with black it really popped. Way down bottom  of this post, to give you guys more styling possibilities, I included additional images of another way I styled this dress, where I took it up a bit making it more sophisticated with fishnets, fedora, pony hair peep toes and long fur paneled vest. But for this post, I remixed giving it an Urban Chic X Street Style vibe wearing an black opaque tight, cool socks, wedge heel ankle boot, crossbody bag and a black beanie to top it off - in true downtown/uptown girl form hence - #SybilStreetSTYLE

I was doing my Sophisticated Chic right here! #ChicHappens

I was doing my Sophisticated Chic right here! #ChicHappens

What I'm Wearing

Coat: Vince Camuto (Old) | Dress: French Connection Similar Similar Similar |  Booties: Truth or Dare by Madonna (Old) | Beanie: G Star  Similar | Bag: Hare + Hart I Sunnies: Dior

Stay Tuned Blog Series - Transforming Style From the Inside Out: Women of Style & Faith #SaintlyStyle

Transforming Style From the Inside Out, Woman of Style & Faith Series - Kristy McCarley, CEO & Founder, Shazzy Fitness

Next in our series we have wife, mom, former IT professional and entrepreneur Kristy McCarley.  Kristy is the CEO and founder of Shazzy Fitness workout program and popular dance workout DVDs based in Hotlanta! If you are familiar with Daniel in the Bible, his Babylonian name was Belteshazzar and the folks at Shazzy Fitness just kind of imagined that “Shazzy” would be his modern, 2016 hip hop name.  Fun right, love it! Shazzy Fitness initially began as a cardio exercise DVD series in 2012 and has now evolved into a comprehensive workout program with classes held not only in Atlanta, but travels to various cities holding classes throughout the U.S.   Kristy’s interest was piqued after taking an aerobics class, falling in love with it, but discovering what truly sparked her interest was the routine’s cool music beats and the charismatic instructor leading the workout.  She, therefore, realized with the right beat and a dynamic instructor you have the perfect formula for a dance that could be transforming.  Unlike other workout routines where the lyrics of the music aren’t always so good to listen to or the moves are sometimes too suggestive, The Shazzy Workout is set to Christian hip-hop music that make you want to move with intensity levels that can be done by anyone from beginner to more advanced.  My daughter who is a formally trained dancer and professional model, that is in great shape, really enjoyed it and found it really got her heart rate up.  I too, was impressed and broke a sweat, especially doing “A Time to Dance.” That said, it’s a fun and energetic workout that’s effective and appropriate for anyone!  During the classes, everyone is not only welcomed, but wanted!  Read our interview with Kristy and see what she has to say about exercise, stepping out on faith, leaving the conventional to do the unconventional, keeping our temples in good condition, while balancing it all with God’s grace and substance – “Shaping what the Father gave ya!”

What motivated you to establish Shazzy Fitness coming from a background in IT?

I've thought about this a lot actually. Since the day I was born, I always liked solving problems. I remember taking our old broken black and white TV apart when I was young, less than 10 I'm sure, just to see how it worked. I didn't know what I was looking at of course, but somehow when I put it back together it actually worked. So I kinda like figuring things out. 

Shazzy Fitness was a solution to a problem. I wanted a workout that had all the excitement and passion of Zumba, but with music that was not suggestive or with sexual lyrics.  I wanted to infuse my spirit every time I exercised my body.  The problem was that there was nothing like that out there.  So many people still hold onto the belief that Christianity equals solemn and rejection of anything non-traditional. I decided it was time for a change I guess.

It takes faith and a lot of courage to go from a stable 9-to-5 situation to starting and operating your own business, tell us about  your transition into entrepreneurship.

Sometimes God asks you to go to a dark, unfamiliar place. And it's scary as hell. That's where I was 4 years ago when I was let go from my job. But somehow I found the courage to answer the call He'd placed in my heart at least 20 years earlier. 

I'm still not sure what will come of this, but I am sure that no matter what it looks like in the end, it will all be for my benefit and ultimately all for His glory.

Kristy, you and your team of choreographers are busy, which is awesome! I know Shazzy has been featured in many news outlets including The Chicago Tribune,  Shape Magazine and named Top DVD Workouts of 2014 to name a few and you spearhead business from Atlanta, but you also have your traveling workout classes in different cities, so tell us what a typical workday or week is like for you, especially when you’re traveling?

My schedule is a little crazy these days lol. When it comes to our business, there's always a lot to do. So in order to stay sane, I try to stick to a schedule that includes time to breathe - meaning time to exercise (even if it's just a quick walk) and spend time with family. Traveling brings a lot of excitement because it allows us to meet lot of interesting new people, so we look forward to that. But it can also disrupt our work system, so we put a lot of time into planning which engagements to accept and the scheduling of our instructor training classes.

How do you maintain fitness, operating a company, being a mother & wife and your spirituality?

 I'm not gonna lie, it is TOUGH! It's a daily challenge, keeping myself motivated - from a business perspective and spiritual perspective. Basically I stay prayed up and I try to surround myself with people who are good to me and good for me.  I'm too old at this point to be hanging around anyone who isn't both LOL!

What advice can you give others who want to get in shape, but have limited time because of the many balls their juggling in the air?

 Keep trying, don't give up.  Day 1 is always the hardest.  Making up your mind to just get started is a big step.  Once you start, celebrate the beginning. Don't celebrate with food though - celebrate by telling a friend, a good friend - either by phone, email or facebook - getting support from others is a good way to encourage yourself and give you some accountability.  Both will help with sustaining your motivation!

Many times women exercise to get to a particular dress size, but obviously not everyone is going to be a size 2 or 4 or 6, so for women in general how would they go about determining what’s optimal for them in terms of a goal weight and how can they find out just how long and often of a workout they’ll need to achieve optimal fitness health and that dress size perfect for them?

There are a ton of free weight and body fat calculators online. They can give you a good idea of what to shoot for, but the easiest way is to ask your physician if you're in the healthy weight range and if not, find out the minimum weight you need to lose in order to get there. Once you know that, you shouldn't stop there but at least you'll have something to shoot for.

Do you have any particular designers that you prefer when shopping?

No, I have to admit I'm not into designers much. I tend to focus more on how it looks than who made it.

Who comes to mind when you think of inspiring style - a designer or celebrity, loved one etc (or simply is there a designer or someone else whose style you admire)?

I'd have to say Oprah.  Love that she's got curves, but always looks classy with shoes to die for.

What about for workout clothes, can you give readers any tips on selecting proper workout garments, that’s cute?

Find something that's comfortable, not too tight, where you can move freely and if possible, find something that makes you smile when you see yourself wearing it.  If you feel good about yourself when you wear it you'll be much more inclined to want to wear it often - and hopefully you'll wear it while working out :)

In past seasons Sporty Chic was a big trend in fashion, this season now it’s all about Athleisure, which to me is a new and updated take on the former, what do you think of the trend?

I like it because it seems to give a sense of freedom, a new perspective on working out.  A fashion trend that allows people to express who they really are (and still be tasteful) is usually a good thing in my opinion. 

Are there any new particular fitness trends (technique or equipment) that has piqued your interest?

There is a trend now where you'll see actual fitness equipment at playgrounds.  So people can get a real workout, similar to what you'd see at the gym, while their kids are playing. I think that's kinda cool!

I have a style question that I like asking you gals, “What’s your Style Innuendo (the way you would like others to consider or view your style without even saying anything after being in your presence?

Wow, that's a hard one. Honestly I tell people I'm "style-challenged". I rarely watch TV or read magazines that aren't related to spiritual growth or entrepreneurial in nature. I think most folks look at me and say "Yeah, she's definitely a mom" - I rock my mom jeans on the regular, and love a good pair of old sweats. Sad, but true.

How would you describe your overall style – can include dress, parenting, personality, doing business etc?

A loving, determined, grateful child of God.

What can we expect on the horizon from you in the world of fitness?

We love what we do and we're all loving the ride. More projects definitely on the horizon - bigger, better, bolder.

How can one transform their style and faith in a positive, progressive manner, and do so without compromise?

My goal this year has been to try to stay more mindful of my inner spirit - the Holy Spirit that dwells within each of us - and paying close attention. My advice would be to intentionally take some quiet time every day, to listen for His direction. With practice, faith will grow. The inner transformation of faith will ultimately affect the outward evolution of style.

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Camel Essentials in Steel - Blazer + Vest

Camel Khaki, Always In Season

Camel, whether coats, jackets, blazers or even pants, are always on point to me. In my opinion, camel always lends to a classic, clean rich feel, especially when worn with grey. I decided to do Symone's camel blazer with jeans and funky metallic flats for a young and fun look.  The shoes gives a hipness to the outfit and the layering of the vest adds a bit more interest. On mama, I said I'm going to amp it up a bit and mix in some chicness by doing a metallic pump and showed some skin using a tank rather than a tee or blouse to give a hint of sexiness. Both looks are super cool one a little more hip and the other a little more chic!

Sans the hair from hell (don't judge me LOL) the outfits are cutey patoottie  that pretty much anyone can pull off. #ModelOffDuty hair looked good, but now to speak on my hair, well this moment was the ordeal I mentioned in Cape Season w/Fringed Benefits (click link).  This post is bad hair moment Part 2 and Plaid Echo is Part 1. SMH. So let's just focus on the outfits peeps - it's all good in this girl's style hood!  #SybilStreetSTYLe

FullSizeRender (70).jpg

What We're Wearing

SYBIL - Camel Vest: Zara |  Top: Topshop | Jeans: Seven For All Mankind | Pumps: Zara | Purse: Marc Jacobs

SYMONE -Blazer: Target | Vest: NY & Company | Jeans: Joe's | Shoes: Joe's Jeans | HandbagBrahmin

Coming Up Blog Series - Transforming Style From the Inside Out: Women of Style & Faith -Next We're Talking Faith & Fitness #SaintlyStyle

Transforming Style From the Inside Out, Women of Style & Faith Series - Nutritionist Sonya Barnes, Owner Nutrition with Sonya


I know, I know, you've been waiting and  it’s been a minute (ok, more like several months, LOL) since I was supposed to launch this series; had quite a few things going on that I needed to go on hiatus. Better late than never, and it is so worth the wait.  I’m writing about Sisters in the faith, that are on the move for God either in business or their respective professions (in some cases both) with a unique style in doing so. I’m not only writing to feature them and highlight their ventures, but I’m writing for them, for us, as a way to impart some helpful knowledge that can add to our lives. The women I’ll be featuring were chosen because as a stylish gal of faith myself, I know how important your foundation is in maintaining strong faith for the long haul. And as witnessed by their stories, they do as well. Similar to how the foundational pieces that we wear under our clothes are key for epitomizing great style. Your inner man, inner being, is no different than choosing the correct undergarments or Spanx to wear under your clothes to make everything look absolutely fit, firm, smooth and in proper place.  Your foundation has to be sure or it can cause everything to unravel.  And I’m sure none of you endeavors to be like the man who built his house on the sand having no solid foundation, then when things became turbulent it all came crashing down (Matthew 7:24-26).  We have to have a solid foundation ladies, there's just no way around it - I'll be the first to tell you!  Looking good and great style, begins not only with the proper bra or underpinning etc, but also with being sound, strong and healthy within, after all our bodies’ are the temple of God and we have to take care of our temples.  Likewise, as I always say, have style, but have it with substance. Doing it as unto the Lord, in excellence, with style and the wisdom He has given!

First up in the series, we have Miss Sonya Barnes, who is going to enlighten us on the subject of nutrition and help us get our acts together from a nutritional standpoint. I promise this will also help us maintain continuity, well beyond January, with all the New Year's fasting, detoxing and cleansing programs that so many of us are participating in now. Sonya is a Holistic Health Coach and Registered Dietitian who currently provides counseling to clients that are interested in weight loss, and addressing disorders such as high cholesterol, autoimmune conditions and diabetes. She also helps clients become intuitive in identifying and modifying food behaviors that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and decreased energy levels. She began her nutrition career at the US Department of Agriculture where she is currently employed as a Nutritionist. Sonya more recently has become an essential oil distributor as an additional means to assist individuals in achieving the health they desire. More importantly, she’s a believer in Christ, who is firm in her faith and her stance on taking care of her temple and helping others do the same.  We welcome her expertise and enthusiasm on the matter.


 Sonya what prompted you to go the route of a professional nutritionist?

As a child, I was always very chubby and wanted to grow up and help myself learn to be healthy as well as help others. God provided me with a full scholarship to study nutrition as an undergraduate, and I later furthered my studies to holistic health after going through my own health challenges and being determined to find a better way to achieve healing as opposed to pharmaceutical drugs.

How do you balance the different aspects of your life – career, entrepreneurship, personal life and faith? How does your style impact these various facets of your life?

Honestly I think as women we wear many hats and there are never enough hours in the day. I don't consider myself to be the most organized person in the world, however I make it a habit to pray and pinpoint the important priorities at the beginning of each day. What I can't finish can be completed the next day. This helps to minimize stress.

In terms of style, I tend to go for items that can be dressed up or down and that are appropriate for many settings. For example, on days I have client meetings or church events after work, I pick comfortable pieces that are also professional or use layering to change the look from daytime to more relaxed.

Being a nutritionist, how would you describe a healthy diet, what would a day’s menu look like reflecting that?

A healthy diet should consist of as much produce as possible, especially non-starchy vegetables. These can be accompanied by small amounts of high quality protein and whole grains (preferably unprocessed grains like brown rice, quinoa). Vegetables are our main source

For me, I love a smoothie for breakfast, especially in the summer. Many people make smoothies with lots of fruits, but its best to transition away from this to keep the sugar content down. My smoothies usually consist of non-starchy vegetables sweetened with a little high-quality stevia. For lunch and dinner I tend to go for something easy such as lettuce wraps or a veggie stir-fry.

Within the last few years, there’s been a mainstream trend toward more healthy eating with greater promotion of juicing, making smoothies, eating organic and raw diets, please advise us on these movements in healthy lifestyles. What’s the current pop diet craze? What do you think of low-carb diets? What do you think about herbal supplements and what factors need to be considered?

There are always fad diets of the season, so this is a great question, because many people don’t know how to choose a diet that's best for them. One thing to realize is that the term diet only refers to what we consume on a daily basis. So when choosing a protocol, we always have to look at the major components. If it doesn’t focus on vegetables, and unprocessed foods, this is a red flag. Simple calorie counting can produce weight loss, but is often not sustainable as your body won't be receiving what it needs.

Smoothies are a great meal replacement or pick-me-up, however they often are made primarily of fruit, so try adding more and more vegetables and very little fruit. Organic foods are definitely and always the way to go, especially for animal products. In terms of low-carb diets, they can definitely be beneficial, depending again on the approach. The paleo protocol is probably my favorite in this area, however its important to drink plenty of water and make sure not to consume too many animal products or allowable sweeteners. Raw diets are also great, but many people make the same mistake of consuming too much of certain components of the diet.

My best advice is to study diets and choose the best pieces from those that resonate with you. This is one thing that I help clients to do.

In January, many Christians do the Daniel fast, which is pretty much a vegan or all plant based diet for 21 days.  Even Jay-Z and Beyonce once underwent the 21-day vegan challenge, which brought a great deal of attention to vegan eating. Now, vegan restaurants, eateries and menu options seem to be on the rise and cosmopolitan as of late, what are your thoughts?  Are they more of a trend or do you think they’re a mainstay?  If you had to recommend one or the other, which would you prefer vegan or vegetarian, if either?

I think vegan diets can be great, however again we have to be careful. French fries are vegan, however they aren't healthy. Also, when going vegan/vegetarian, people tend to start eating a ton of soy which studies are showing is not good either.

 The only difference between being vegetarian and vegan are that vegans consume no milk or eggs in addition to no meats, poultry, or seafoods. This is great as most African Americans are intolerant to milk proteins and cow's milk also has many hormones that affect us negatively. Also, high consumption of animal proteins is linked to many conditions. 

Again, there is no need to fit in with a particular name of a diet. I consume mainly a vegan diet, however I allow myself to have organic eggs or poultry, or wild fish a few times a week.

That’s a great point you noted that while French fries are vegan, they’re not necessarily healthy. But so many of us love and eat French Fries, so you have to help us sistahs out with some alternatives! Is frying them in oil, opposed to baking them not healthy or because they're too starchy altogether? I used to eat something called Satisfries from a fast food restaurant that are baked fries, and I still bake fries that I prepare for myself and family at home.  Should I opt against French fries altogether? I also tend to eat baked sweet potato fries 'quite often', much more than I do traditional French Fries, is this a better option?

Potatoes of all kinds are quite starchy. Its ok to have these once in awhile, however the main problem is the oils that are used to cook them, which are typically highly inflammatory for the body. One switch that I’ve adopted is butternut squash “fries.” They are baked and taste like sweet potato fries. Here is one recipe by hungry girl, however I use coconut oil or grapeseed oil as these are much more easy on the body. http://www.hungry-girl.com/newsletters/raw/1398-hg-classics-revisited-3-recipes

Thanks, that is great information. So how can one, with a busy on-the-go lifestyle make adjustments to eat healthier, while fitting it into their busy schedule? I found that making a transition to a healthy diet can be really expensive whether eating out or buying groceries at the store for cooking at home.  Give us some tips and advice regarding recipes, lower cost nutritionally sound options, or stores in which to purchase these options?

Great questions! Well, even though people think eating healthier is more expensive, a huge part of the problem is that we eat out so much and or purchase convenience foods on a regular basis. So getting back to the basics of a healthy diet and decreasing meat consumption help tremendously. You'll also consume less calories, sodium, and preservatives.  I recommend stocking up on dry beans and whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, etc) when they're on sale and choosing a couple of days each week to cook these items in bulk. Freezing is an option also.  These can be paired with veggies for a complete meal. My recommended stores are Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Trader Joe's has a great selection of organic vegetables at great prices.  

Another thing to offer up is that people tend to spend so much money on clothing, automobiles, etc that don’t do much for us in the long run. We pay premium money for these items, but then expect our bodies to run on the cheapest fuel possible. We should take value in how we treat our temples, the rest is just superficial. We all want nice things but I encourage clients to cut back on frivolous spending so they have more to invest in the one body that God has given them.


You suggested Trader Joes and Whole Foods, which are both good choices for organic products, but I also like Wegmans. During one of my past Daniel Fast’s, my friend took me there to purchase items in preparation for our fast and I thought their prices were pretty good. I found them to have a good selection of name brand, organic and gluten free products as well as their own house label brands. They're in-house brand items seemed to be of very good quality, whereas at times when I've purchased in-house label products at comparable grocery retailers, they didn't seem to parallel the quality national brands. Would you as an expert suggest Wegmans as a good source for these offerings?

My apologies. Yes, Wegman’s also offers great options. I would sometimes forget about them since they are farther from me than the other choices. I now visit them often, and fell in love with their organic almonds!

Speaking of gluten free, which you hear a lot more of now (they even advertise Cheerios as gluten free as of late), for someone that doesn't necessarily suffer with an intolerance disease such as Celiac, but would like to consider gluten free foods in aiding in their weight loss or nutritional efforts, what would be your suggestion?

This is a great question and one that is very dear to my heart, as I myself follow a gluten free lifestyle.  Many articles have been written recently on this topic. The majority of them will tell you that if you have not been diagnosed with Celiac disease you should not follow a gluten free diet. This is based on the mindset of Western (conventional) medicine that again does not look at causes but only attempts to address symptoms. It also ignores the fact that many other people benefit from going on a gluten free diet who receive a negative diagnosis when tested for Celiac disease. Many African Americans do not possess the digestive traits needed to process the genetically modified wheat products we have in America efficiently. This inevitably leads to health problems.

 It is true that going gluten free is not necessarily a weight loss tactic. There are many options for processed bread items (donuts, waffles, cereals, breads, etc) that taste great, however often times contain high sugar and/or fat content. They are also often devoid of whole grains. As I first went gluten free, I didn’t know about these options and actually lost about 10 lbs in a month. However, as these items crept into my diet, very quickly the weight came back.

 The best approach is to focus on consuming fresh, whole foods that are prepared at home (vegetables, fruits, nuts, high quality protein etc) which are naturally gluten free. This style of eating puts less stress on the digestive system and helps us to prevent/address many health conditions. Going gluten free helped me to stay away from the medications I spoke of earlier, so please do the research and give it a try if you haven’t already.

 In your response to what a healthy day’s menu should look like, you mentioned using Stevia as an alternative sweetener, is that only a personal choice (why) or is it a healthier option opposed to alternatives like Splenda or Equal? You also suggested not just using Stevia, but using a high-quality version.  Is there a low quality Stevia, if so what’s the difference?

I use Splenda frequently and see it offered quite a bit (just as much as Sweet-n-Low) in drinking/eating establishments such as Starbucks etc but I'm starting to see stevia more, so is there anything we should know and be more conscious of concerning sugar free sweeteners as a whole?  I'm a Splenda junkie myself and think others might be as well, lol!!

Another great question and subject that is dear to my heart as I am a recovered sugar addict. Our diets contain waaay too much sugar, especially from juices, sodas, desserts, etc. Consuming these items on a daily basis keeps our blood sugar levels unbalanced, leading us on a long road to diabetes among other things. 

 Artificial sweeteners like splenda, sweet-n-low, equal, aspartame, etc are highly processed chemicals, not actual nutrients. They are an easy way to stabilize blood sugars, however consuming these items over time can contribute to cancer and other conditions. The better approach is a high-quality stevia liquid purchased from a health food store that contains no other ingredients. Powdered stevia and other sugar alternatives have gone through an extensive bleaching and refining process, rendering them again very hard for the body to process. A high quality liquid stevia can be slightly expensive, however is a much better choice for your health.

What can a person who always craves sugar or better yet, sweet foods such as cakes, pies and cookies incorporate in their diet to help satisfy this craving? I've found this to be a big issue with women who are trying to lose weight, especially myself. I love dough-y type desserts, so much so that I’d rather eat them than food!

 The easiest thing I have clients do to start weaning away from sugar is to start using fruits. With a decent quality blender it is quite easy to whip up easy smoothies, sorbets, etc, just using fruit without added sugar. Stevia can be added if the individual feels they need a little more sweetness to start off with. Adding essential oils like doTERRA wild orange, lemon, etc can help to add great flavor to fruit items without the need for additional sugar. You can also switch white sugar for more natural sweeteners such as honey, brown rice syrup, or agave nectar. These items still contain natural sugars, but can be easily incorporated into recipes for baked items, allowing us to still consume treats once in awhile in a way that is much better for us. Adding an all natural supplement such as doTERRA Slim and Sassy metabolic oil blend to your regimen can also help to balance blood sugars, boost metabolism and minimize cravings.

Ok, I’m notorious for my quick-fix can of Starbucks Double Shot Espresso for a quick burst of energy.   If one wanted to eliminate coffee from their diet, but feel they need something to act as a jet fuel pick-me-up, what would you suggest as the replacement, especially, if you don't have access to a smoothie at your desk or forgot to bring one or didn’t have time to make one that day? What can help with the mid-day crashes and feelings of fatigue? My former aerobic instructor/fitness professor, years ago told our class not to eat starchy foods before 1:00 to avoid against that mid-day slump, what would you say to this to give us stylish girls the energy that we need to keep it going consistently throughout our day?

Coffee and caffeinated beverages often give us a false energy that brings us up and crashes us later, creating the perceived need for more and more caffeine. A high quality green tea can be a great segway into ditching caffeine. I find that consuming healthy smoothies like I mentioned previously, exercise, and incorporating essential oils all work wonders for energy level. I personally carry doTERRA peppermint oil, citrus bliss blend, and slim and sassy which all have very energizing qualities. This has allowed me to remove sugar and caffeine from my diet but keep up the energy needed to get through busy days.

This has been a wealth of knowledge to help us sistahs become nutritionally sound. Sonya what’s next for you a cookbook, nutrition manuals, branded lines of oil, tell us?

I actually do have some books on the way including cookbooks, so stay tuned. I'm also teaching classes and hopefully developing large scale curriculums to be used in large settings like corporations. At this point, I'm just seeking God to order my steps in how to best serve His people with knowledge of health.

Now that we’ve addressed topics that will help keep our temples fit on the inside, let’s move on to topics that deal with our style on the outside! Do you have a favorite designer(s) or a person or celebrity whose style really inspires you? Why and in what way?

I am honestly not very brand conscious and tend to find discount versions of many trends that come on the scene. Its hard to pick one person's style, but I probably have a cross between Keri Washington and Gabrielle Union. Keri has a wonderful classic style, and Gabrielle chooses very fun pieces with a trendy flair.  

I have a witty style question that I pose to all of you style gals of faith that I interview, “What’s your Style Innuendo” (after being in your presence, the way you would like others to consider or view your style without even saying anything - your silent style suggestion)?

I love for people to consider my style as cute, classy, and comfortable. Again there are days where I end up in different settings, so these three aspects are at the top of my list.

This blog series is about transforming style from the inside out, thus how can one transform their style and faith in a positive, progressive manner, and do so without compromise?

Well, I say the easiest approach to taking on a large goal is one step at a time. The more we read our bibles and spend time in daily prayer, the more spiritual progress we will make over time. The same is true for living a healthy lifestyle. We can incorporate healthy foods into our diet one by one, and start with a small amount of activity weekly. Over time continued small changes can lead to the healthy diet and activity levels that we desire, and we'll begin to see results in our waistline and other physical attributes. It is important to note that we can ask those around us for support, but at the end of the day, we are accountable only to ourselves and God. Even if no one is on board with the lifestyle and spiritual changes we are making, we have to put our health at top priority. This is God's will for our lives and by staying committed, we can also influence others to change for the better as well.

Please visit Sonya's website below and get in touch with her about products and wellness services.

Contact Info:

Email: nutritionwithsonya@gmail.com

Website: www.nutritionwithsonya.com

Essential oil website: http://mydoterra.com/sonyabarnes

FB: https://www.facebook.com/sonya.barnes

New Approach to a Wardrobe Classic - The Sleeveless Trench, Two Ways

Styling One of the Season's Coolest Trends X 2 with #ModelOffDuty. We're #Twinning Again!


Brooklyn no doubt has wonderful locations that provide as great backdrops for editorial photoshoots, blogging shots whatever, but what it doesn't have is ample parking at those locations. Whereas, in DC/MD/VA the luxury to drive and be able to park at various places is certainly an option. Not the case in the Big Apple! Always under the gun, we got it done! This is how we did it - parked where we could, prayed that we didn't get a ticket and prayed once again to find an available space in front of or near her apartment building upon return. You might be saying, "why not just hop on the subway?" My response, "It's getting too cold to being doing that folks, sistah not used to the New York cold!" It's definitely different than the DMV's, New York winters are just wicked!

As you can tell we are both rocking the same sleeveless trench by Zara. I love this layering piece because it can be worn in the spring/summer over a tank or tee with shorts or jeans for added interest or in the winter over sweaters or anything long sleeved with boots or sassy pumps. Additionally, if you have some figure flaws as do I, it's good at hiding the bulge and it adds swag and warmth without being too hot!  In this instance, I wore mine with a mesh William Rast camo top (guys), black Target destroyed high-waisted jegging that fit so well (one of my favorites, next to my ecru J Crew jeans), Ivanka Trump leopard pumps, Hayden Harnett camo print clutch and simple jewelry, bracelet by Lucky Brand jeans.

As I like to show how the same piece can be worn on women of different ages and sizes (I'm a size 10/12, Symone is a 0/2; I'm forty something, she's twenty something), #ModelOffDuty is wearing her sleeveless trench with a BCBG ensemble - jacket, top, pants. And since she has no bulge like someone else I know (guilty LOL), she wears her trench not only tied close, but open too - lucky she, I ain't mad at her (I've embraced my Grace AND my Curves) #AgeAppropriate! Suede lace up strappy pump by Asos to finish. Graffiti walls courtesy of the fine citizens of the cold city of Brooklyn! New York New York, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere! #SybilStreetSTYLe

FullSizeRender (52).jpg
FullSizeRender (37).jpg
BeFunky Collage.jpg

What We're Wearing

SYBIL - Sleeveless Trench: Zara |  Top: William Rast | Jeggings: Target | Pumps: Ivanka Trump via Lord & Taylor | Clutch: Hayden Harnett

SYMONE -Top: BCBG | Jacket:BCBG | Pants: BCBG | Pumps: Asos

Coming Soon Blog Series - Transforming Style From the Inside Out: Women of Style & Faith #SaintlyStyle

Winter In Blue

Don't Let Old Man Winter Give You The Blues. Keep Right On Stone Cold Stylin' On Them

Winter with all it's fashionable layers, can give us the blues with it's frigid temperatures, but don't let it cramp your style. Instead of singing the blues, I threw on some blue and rocked it in pops throughout my look. Embrace it and sing in tones of cobalt, indigo, sky, navy - you name it, now claim it! As wicked as New York winters can be, I'm not going out like that. I'm layering up and putting it on with grit and grace, in hues of blue! #KeepStylingOnEm


BeFunky Collage.jpg

What I'm Wearing

Sweater: H&M | Shirt: Topshop | Denim Jeggings: Asos | Shoes: Dune via Lord & Taylor | Fedora: Nordstrom | Bag: Hare + Hart I Sunnies: Zara

Coming Soon Blog Series - Transforming Style From the Inside Out: Women of Style & Faith #SaintlyStyle

Plaid Echo

Plaid Ponchos Squared #Twinning

Hello Hello #ModelOffDuty and I are back again rocking our plaids to the 2nd power, but this time not a duster, instead a poncho.  So if you remember in my previous post Cape Season w/Fringed Benefits (click link), I talked about a crazy hair situation, the rain etc.  Well folks this is the proof below, take a look at my shots. The images were taken in the cold, wind and drizzly rain. Did y’all know that fine misty rain is worse on your hairdo even with an umbrella than a heavy downpour with your umbrella? My hairstylist clued me in and after going through it on this day, I’m a believer, you don’t have to tell me twice! Symone’s pics were done on a different day, so she looked fabulous in my opinion. The weather, the light - everything was just right. Lucky her, mini me was On Fleek and looked very much On Duty dahling! 

After high-tailing through the storm, wind, rain, scary hair dilemma, I got some shots of what was an otherwise cool outfit!  Plaid is still trending around these parts for us as you can see.  I got these poncho wraps at good ‘ole Target’ choosing to style my look wearing a Fedora. Umm, side note my Fedora threw me a lifeline and saved the day big time. Can you imagine had I not had my fedora - trouble! I’m so particular about my hair, realizing how big a part it plays in your overall style, that I like it to be on point at all times.  Remember that peeps - style, hair - important!  Ok carry on, I’m also wearing a bodysuit from Urban Outfitters, which I love and am totally grateful that they carry them in my size and truly fit.  I’ve ordered large size one-pieces from other retailers and they don’t seem to fit properly in the crotch area making them uncomfortable, but I must say, this one gets an A+ for comfort, fit and it feels really good too.  I pulled out my second-in-command J.Crew boyfriend ecru jeans with the tatters and rips in them.  These are second-in-command because my first in line are my plain skinny pair also from J.Crew that started out ecru but now look white because I wear them all the time and wash them all the time, hence my go-to white, kind of ecru-ish skinny jeans!  You’ve seen me wear them ump-teen times and you will see me wearing them ump-teen more. Get used to it good folks, light colored jeans, whether white, eggshell or ecru provides a great contrasting pop to your look.  Do try it and here’s a style tip: they’re not only for wearing in the spring and summer. It’s denim, it’s okay, remember these next two words as well – year round!  Ok rant over, truly carrying on this time! I went on to use a pair of Hue marled/speckled camp socks (scrunched) because the boyfriend jeans although in tall length, they do run a bit shorter so I needed something to bridge the gap between the Vince Camuto boots I’m wearing and the pants. The socks also gives an added layer of texture and more interest to the look. Finally, my go-to C Wonder belt (store now defunct) with the horse buckle, which is interchangeable, and Zara purse to finish off the look. With my fedora, the belt and boots really helped to anchor that southwestern vibe I was feeling.

Symone, on the other hand, was giving us a more dope downtown, street style vibe with her poncho.  I styled it with one of her grey tank tops, raw edge, wide cropped jeans from Zara, Sam Edelman boots, Brahmin handbag, a not too wide obi belt and topped it off with her Forever 21 reflective sunnies and simple jewelry (on us both).  I told y’all she looked very much On Duty, looking right at home on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Whatever you’re feeling whether southwestern cool or the dopeness of downtown girl, take all or some of these elements and make it your own. You might want to use a big, floppy style hat and wear tall flat boots with the poncho and go more boho,  but whatever the case have fun and make it authentic to you! #SybilStreetSTYLe

FullSizeRender 3.jpg